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Since 2003, our collective efforts as foundation partners have resulted in the wide-spread distribution of musical instruments to needy schools, deserving families and the gift of free music to our military personnel around the world. While the nine-year cumulative monitory value is currently in excess of $57,000, the joy and sense of accomplishment brought to our benefactors has had an immeasurab...
le and lasting value that can only be explained by those who have received the timeless gift of music.

As we embark on an historic tenth year, our mission is still clear and ever-present. Schools envisioning enriched music education programming and concerned parents desiring music-related opportunities for their children still flood our website daily with requests. Unfortunately, over 100 requests currently remain unfulfilled. Although some recent progress has been evident through the generous contribution of various long-time partners, the list of those still waiting for opportunities still remains high.

For the past three Holiday Seasons, the scope and significance of our mission has been greatly increased by our efforts on behalf of the troops that serve our country in such unselfish ways. Using modern technology to its fullest, our men and women in service have been afforded unique opportunities to download easily-accessible music of their choosing directly to their iPods or MP3 listening devices. Similar to the gratitude so frequently expressed by our instrumental benefactors, our troops, through their superior officers, have called our contributions important and essential to their personal well-beings while away from home and loved ones. Remarkably, the total cost for this service is an affordable $350.00 per Navy ship. Our goal for this Holiday Season is to provide the crews of 20 ships with this enjoyable and important distraction from the rigors of service and duty.

Possibly our most innovative project to date has been our support of first-hand music instruction for needy children through the foundation’s cadre of fourteen talented professionals. The financial support these individuals receive through your efforts has allowed hundreds of aspiring young musicians to experience quality instruction and confidence-building interactions. In the interest of confidentially and family pride in self-sufficiency, we humbly present our special gift as a prize package of free lessons. Our strategy has been well-received by families and music professionals alike.

This Holiday Season, our targeted period of giving has been extended from November 23rd through December 31st. As a valued partner in all our efforts to promote the love and learning of music, a number of avenues have been provided to facilitate your 2012 contribution. Please choose from one of the following;

Donate a used working instrument to help fill our current need
Donate an instrument in need of repair
Financially support the purchase of a new instrument
Financially support the efforts of our professional cadre of music professionals
Make a financial contribution to support our Military Music Download Service.
Help with a military mailing

Any and all contributions are valued and appreciated, you can make a difference in this year’s Partner Holiday Contribution Campaign.

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Send an instrument Today!We do our best to collect new, used, and broken instruments to refurbish and send to schools and the needy. Our love for music, and the knowledge that there are so many more who love music just as much as we, but cannot afford it, has driven us to help everyone to the best of our abilitiesWe can't do it without the help of others. Donate today, whether it is an instrument, or a small donation of only $10 towards helping others. Help us help others today!


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Any Instrument of any type is accepted and if it needs repair, we fix it, and then send the instrument to those who need them.
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Request an insturment

Are you or someone you know in need of instruments? We donate to learners everywhere becuase we know that the benefits are great.
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Help us Raise our goal for December 2012 

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