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US Navy CD Mailing Program

Early this year we teamed up with our sister company Nation Records to provide Music CD's to be sent to our Armed Forces, Free of Charge.

We started with the smaller units, and sent one large box to a nuclear aircraft carrier.

 A short time later we received a great honor in the mail.

Then we received a letter we never expected from the commanding officer of the USS Ronald Reagan.

Excited about receiving feedback we sent off a few more boxes full of Cd's.

The Music was donated by Tony Ocean, The Buckingham's and other Nation Records artists.

Not long after we received our second thank you letter from the Capitan of the USS.George Bush!

The cost to send out box to a larger ship with over 4000 people is over $300.00 with postage and performance rights fees paid.


A simple donation of just $10.00 can help us


to send out boxes of free music to other ships in the U. S. Navy Fleet.


We are in the process of obtaining permission to send music to land based troops, and bases in Japan, Germany and South Korea.




Please donate to help pay the postage for additional mailings. You can donate online 100% secured, or mail your donation to The Secret Agent Entertainment Foundation 6351 W Montrose Chicago, Ill 60634





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Pending Mailing
(waiting for funding)

CVN-69 Dwight D. Eisenhower 1977 Nimitz-class super carrier


CVN-70 Carl Vinson 1981 Nimitz-class super carrier


CVN-71 Theodore Roosevelt 1986 Nimitz-class super carrier


CVN-74 John C. Stennis 1995 Nimitz-class super carrier


CVN-75 Harry S. Truman 1998 Nimitz-class super carrier

Units Mailed since 1-1-10

Maxwell AFB,


AL Clear AFB,


AK USS Ronald Regan


USS Abraham Lincoln


USS Nimitz USS John F. Kennedy